We’re going on an adventure… Are you ready?

Project Arkavite is a top-down H-RPG game about experiencing the adventure of a lifetime. Our tale begins in a land rich with fantasy and sprinklings of dungeon-punk. This is a world of magical guns, swords and sorcery — sporting lecherous lewds and magnificent mysteries!

Please note, the latest build only features Character Creation. Sandbox development is currently underway!

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System Requirements

  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics Card: Dedicated graphics card with 2 GB of RAM minimum
  • CPU: Intel 2.77GHz Quad-core
  • File Size: 200 MB
  • OS: Windows 7 and above (32bit / 64bit)

◈ Changelog

◈ Upcoming Features

2 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. Hey, I was wondering what songs your using in the CYOA. They are all beautiful songs and I was wondering if I could get a list cause I can’t find them in the credit pages. Please and thank you.

    1. You’re referring to the Arkavite character creator right? The track list is:

    2. Doxent – Distant Fantasy
    3. Doxent – Distant Memory
    4. Doxent – Falling Leaves
    5. Doxent – Forest Dreams
    6. Doxent – Moonlight Gardens
    7. Doxent – Nocturnal
    8. Doxent – Path To Solitude
    9. I’ll try and include links and a full tracklist in public releases going forward (possibly in the READ_ME.txt, though I suppose I could also look into having an ingame music player that lets you peruse all the in-game audio).

      Also, sorry I took so long to respond. Some petty crazy stuff is going on right now with Unity (the game engine I use) and I’ve been working overtime to figure out my next course of action.😅
      I’ll probably be making an announcement before the end of the week~

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