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A delicious new update! Fresh from the oven~

[0.0.0-A] Unreal Edition (PENDING DATE)

  • First Release
  • Version Reset

[0.0.8-A] June 18th 2023

  • ADDED: Controller & Keyboard support for all menu systems
  • FIXED: Character Creation – Issue where choices without stats would not display their requirements
  • CHANGED: Controls Page – Now displays Keyboard and Gamepad controls.
  • CHANGED: UI SFX – A number of UI SFX have been updated to make the composition feel more consistent.
  • CHANGED: UI Animation – Small changes here and there to some of the UI animations (highlighted & selected buttons etc.). This was done to accompany the new controller/keyboard support.
  • CHANGED: Character Creation – [Breeding Season] can now be taken with Futanari
  • CHANGED: Character Creation – Choice colouring for added clarity. It should now be easier to differentiate selected choices from choices which are not selected, and choices which are not selectable (because they are disabled).
  • CHANGED: Updated Credits

[0.0.7-A] May 16th 2023

  • CHANGED: Optimized the choice click processing such that the player sprite will now only be refreshed when necessary.
  • CHANGED: Fate “Total Points” display colours.
  • CHANGED: Improved the highlighting on selected choices across all sections.
  • CHANGED: Character description window will now display footwear, bodysuits, neckwear, cloaks and arm wear.
  • CHANGED: Outfit Set
    • [Female Dungeon Raider]
    • [Male Dungeon Raider]
  • ADDED: “Run In Background” setting under gameplay. Enable this, if you wish for the game to keep running when you click off of the application.
  • ADDED: Choice – Auto Gain
    • When selecting a choice that causes you to gain an additional choice, the additional choice will be added to your list of selected choices.
  • ADDED: Choice Requirements & Compatibility
    • It will no longer be possible to select choices whose requirements you don’t meet. If you stop meeting the requirements of a choice you previously selected, it will automatically be deselected.
  • ADDED: Selected Choice Window
    • Choices in this list will display their cost.
    • Selecting choices in this list will scroll the page to the location of the choice.
  • ADDED: Character Creator “On Click” operations for the following choices:
    • Chaotically Kawaii
    • Seductively Skimpy
    • Birthday Suit
    • Manletus Maximus
    • Curse Of A Thousand Maidens
  • ADDED: Body Textures
    • Automotive Prosthesis
  • ADDED: Outfit textures
    • Outfit Set – Male Dungeon Raider – Underwear
    • Outfit Set – Deep♂Dark♂Dungeons
    • Outfit Set – Lavicious
    • Outfit Set – Dorothy
    • Legs – Mechanical On Taking [Automotive Prosthesis]
    • Legs – Fur On taking [Kitsukana]
  • ADDED: Base skin subtly changes based on perceived sex.
  • FIXED: Dropdown choices will now highlight on selection of at least one of their elements
  • FIXED: Issue with some hairstyles not setting the player hair length
  • FIXED: Issue with Eye Col dropdown not having a defined default
  • TYPO FIX: CC Choice – Chaotically Kawaii

[0.0.6-A] May 7th 2023

  • Main Menu
    • CHANGE: Upgraded the Project Arkavite logo and the aesthetics of the Main Menu
    • FIXED: Issue where some users would find themselves trapped upon entering the Settings Menu, after retuning from the Character Creator.
  • ADDED: Additional Eye Colour Options
  • ADDED: Additional Skin Colour Options
  • ADDED: Additional Hair Colour Options
  • ADDED: Hairstyle textures
    • Hair – Short Unstyled
    • Hair – Medium Unstyled
    • Hair – Long Unstyled
    • Hair – Extra Long Unstyled

[0.0.5-A] May 2nd 2023

  • Character Creator
    • CHANGE: Made the name input fields more clearly intractable by adding a caret, and a label colour change on select.
    • FIXED: Issue with race duplicating rather than properly outputting the character’s sex. This fix may also correct the output sex descriptions for some bodily configurations.
  • Main Menu
    • CHANGE: Buttons on the main menu should now be more responsive. You no longer need to wait for the completion of the animation transitions before the buttons become clickable.
    • CHANGE: Updated Credits
  • Settings
    • CHANGE: Settings menu is now more responsive when closing (from the ESC menu & Main Menu). Decreased animation timing. It should appear more fluid now.
    • FIXED: Issue with display target FPS not being set to the selected value, or saving. If you have run Project Arkavite v[0.0.4-A] or earlier, you may wish to alter this setting, as it is likely the game is defaulting to 60fps.
  • Load Screen
    • FIXED: Issue of load screen not blocking button presses during scene transition.

[0.0.4-A] April 30th 2023

  • ADDED: Point Calculation
    • Dropdown choices will now be accounted for during point calculation
    • You will no longer be charged “FATE” for choices which are gained by other choices
  • ADDED: CC – Peenor size now selectable
  • ADDED: Dialogue System – You can now auto-scroll though dialogue by holding down the [ENTER] key.
  • CHANGE: CC – The height dropdown will now display cm next to ft & in. The player description window will now default to displaying the player height in ft & in rather than cm. The display units can be changed to cm in settings.
  • CHANGE: System-Tan expression art :3… She has visible eyes now.
  • CHANGE: Dropdown list hover SFX
  • FIXED: CC – The choice section list will reset to the top of the page on selecting the NEXT and PREV buttons
  • FIXED: CC – Washboard Whiplash no longer lists “ERROR: CHOICE ID NOT FOUND” as one of the requirements
  • FIXED: When accessing the Settings Menu via ESC, it will now block the player from interacting with the game behind it.
  • FIXED: Rounding error in sub-system when converting actor height to inches.
  • FIXED: Difficulty setting not applying correctly.
    • CC Choice – [A Gift Of Time]
    • CC Choice – [Hyper Fertility]
    • CC Choice – [Bunnjin] (Harailyan -> Hareiliyan)
    • CC Choice – [Kitsukana] (Harailiya -> Hareiliya)
    • System-Tan’s dialogue in the character creator
    • Rizelledehyde -> Rizelldehyde in the character description window

[0.0.3-A] April 28th 2023 (2200)

  • FIXED: Additional system local errors which were causing game data to be loaded incorrectly.

[0.0.2-A] April 28th 2023 (2000)

  • FIXED: System local error which prevented loading of actor data for some users. Side effects included; Main Menu not loading automatically on startup & halting on load of character creator.

[0.0.1-A] April 28th 2023 (1900)

  • First Release