Arkavite – Experimental Changelog

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Here you will find the changelog/patch notes for experimental releases.

[0.0.0-E1] Jan 13th 2024 [Unreal Edition]

  • First Release
  • Version Reset: Following the version reset, our version naming scheme has been updated to improve clarity, and make it easier to track releases. The version name is split into three parts.
    • 0.0.0-E1
      The first part indicates the public release version number. New experimental builds will match the latest pubic release version rather than having separate versioning. This way it’s clearer which public version experimental releases follow from.
    • 0.0.0E1
      The second part indicates the version type. We have -A for alpha and -E for experimental releases respectively.
    • 0.0.0-E1
      Finally, we have the sub-version number. This is only present on experimental builds. This number will increment with each experimental release, and reset back to 1 at the start of each public release.