Project Harahel Interactive – v0.7.13

Project Harahel is an interactive CYOA which bases its lore on aspects of Project Arkavite and introduces some new RPG isekai anime themes. Please note, its best thought of as a standalone character builder which can be used as fuel for daydreams.

Expansion packs with extra choices can be enabled via CYOA settings.

For the most optimal and smooth experience, I recommend downloading the EXE release via the link below. A static version of this CYOA can also be found HERE.

Note, the web release is due to be retired. A new offline CYOA creation and library tool is currently under development, and is expected to release before the end of 2024. Harahel will later be ported to this new system and the application will become a host to other CYOA moving forward.

Download Now

  • Windows Release: [MEGA]
  • Android APK: [MEGA]

PC Controls

  • Full Screen: F11
  • Remove a choice & it’s gains: SHIFT+CLICK

Links & Other

◈ Changelog

World Map – v0.4

96 thoughts on “Project Harahel Interactive – v0.7.13

  1. Just spent the last hour & a half finalizing a build only to accidentally hit the back button on my mouse & lose everything. would be nice to have a page that actually saves instances like a Open office document or something.
    Also the scrollbar for the CYOA is pretty janky, & the pages within pages makes it hard to scroll right if it even scrolls at all.

    Otherwise, pretty nice CYOA.

  2. so many upgrade and functions, more options, save and load, change between master and servant, also FAQ section pretty cool.
    Can’t wait to see it become 1.0 version :3

    1. That choice is from the “World Level Items” expansion pack. You must go into CYOA settings and enable the pack in order to make the choice show up.

  3. What are the requirements for getting the apk installed?
    I have 560MB available on my Galaxy S5 w/ OS ver. Kitkat, and can’t install the apk.

    1. Android 4.4 ‘KitKat’ is the minimum OS. The APK download is 372MB. I believe installation takes up ≈500MB so you may not have enough storage for the APK to install.

      1. I have currently 608MB storage available with the installer apk downloaded, yet the installation still doesn’t succeed.
        Hence the confusion.

        1. When you try to install, does it say anything particular like “There was a problem while parsing the package”? A possibility could be that the file got corrupted while downloading. That could be a result of either the download or storage itself being corrupted.
          You could also try resetting application permissions or making sure your SD card is mounted on your device if you have one.

  4. i downloaded the game and i think got everything set up but it won’t let me select a starting quest nor let me into the game? and is there a browser version somewhere i haven’t seen?

    1. They aren’t so much quests as they are “current goings-on”. You can choose to pursue as many or as little as you wish or think you can manage, so they’re not set up to be selected like regular choices. They are also openings for just some of the future CYOA I have planned, set in this world.

      As for “letting you into the game”, Project Harahel is just a CYOA based on the lore of my actual RPG, Project Arkavite (which I’m currently developing). Harahel’s not “character creation” to an existing RPG, but more of an escapism read-through prompt for daydreams… however I am thinking Project Arkavite’s actual character creation will take on a similar form to the Harahel CYOA.

      Hope this clears things up. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to send em my way.

  5. I don’t get that message, I get “App was not installed” after pressing install and waiting for about 30 seconds. I also always manually handle installation permission from unknown sources in the security section that pops upp when trying to install apks not from google play store.
    I have OS version 4.4.2 on my phone and I had 895MB available on my device during my latest attempt. Super confusing in my opinion that it doesn’t get installed.

    1. The specific message is “App not installed”.
      I have a 32GB SD card mounted, but it basically never gets used because apparently almost all apps love to have close to their entirety installed on device storage.
      I don’t know what permissions I could change for the installer, as I only really have “Unknown Sources” as a box to mark so as to allow installation.
      My latest installation attempt has been with the 0.7.7 version of Harahel.apk

      1. Genuinely baffled as to what can bethe issue. My latest attempt, using v0.7.7, to install the app had 1.2GB of storage available for the installation, yet still the same “App not installed” result.

  6. Nice CYOA over all.
    But how come in the interactive version Life Finds a Way makes me lose 2 Fate instead of giving me 5 ?

    1. That is probably caused by an interaction with Fertile Fields + Calamity Magnet. Checking the requirements of Fertile Fields, for the sake of balance it gives negatives if taken with Calamity Magnet and Life Finds a Way, as it negates the impact of those banes.

  7. Thank you for providing a pretty cool CYOA.

    However, there are a few things I want to say about my impressions of the magic part.

    In the case of Spatial, as mentioned in the description, I think it would be better to directly include the description of Chronomancy once you reach the upper tier.

    It’s a very cool school, but the explanation of the 4 Tier is difficult to understand intuitively, so it’s hard to think, “I definitely want to choose this!”

    And if I train Arcane, will I be able to use Master Spark like an image?

    1. Descriptions are meant to be a rough outline, as you don’t really get spells at this stage. Aria Academy will go into detail on the spells and schools. As for the master spark, It’s just a fitting image I found. I don’t know the specifics of that Touhou spell, but I may have already written some kind of approximation, so it could be reproducible.

      1. Will you end up adding a description for tier 5? It is possible to take tier 5 thanks to the Demon Lord one, but it’s complete guessing as to what it gives. I can guess that say, tier 5 alchemy is so potent I can straight up change people into dragons or make my own Lazarus Pits or Harry Potter-esque Philosopher Stones, but I could be completely wrong.

        1. The Aria sequel will be giving magical descriptions of spells up to Tier 5 so that should clear up any ambiguity 😛

  8. Thank you for providing a pretty cool CYOA.

    However, there are a few things I want to say about my impressions of the magic part.

    In the case of Spatial, as mentioned in the description, I think it would be better to directly include the description of Chronomancy once you reach the upper tier.

    It’s a very cool school, but the explanation of the 4 Tier is difficult to understand intuitively, so it’s hard to think, “I definitely want to choose this!”

    And if I train Arcane, will I be able to use Master Spark like an image?

  9. For your project, the “save build” needs work (Including saving mods).
    Otherwise, Give It Your Best!
    Also take break once in a while for your health.

    1. Not sure what you mean by “save build” or saving mods, but thank you!
      Web saves will give you a copyable string you can load later, while download versions of the app have save slot support.

  10. Hey! This CYOA is very nice, thank you for your work! I spent hours tweaking my build and the game itself is very nice. The only thing I really had difficulty with is understanding what was the blue square for.
    I have a few questions: -Considering nipple-fucking is possible in hentai, isn’t taking both [Porn Physics] and [Fuckable Nips] pointless?
    -In the description of [Fuckable Nips] it is said that they feel as pleasurable as pussies; does that synergize with [Perfect Pussy]?
    -Can [Life, Uh, Finds A Way] make you pregnant through breast or urethra? (I mean, there is hentai about it so I have to make sure)
    -When you are killed, can you be resurrected or you must absolutely spend all your due time in the afterlife? And what happens to those that die of old age? Do they just simply come back younger?

    And finally, would it be fine if I wrote a story based and your CYOA?

    1. Thank you! The blue square is for toggling between master and servant builds. [Servant] is an option you can find in the items section.
      >[Porn Physics] and [Fuckable Nips] pointless
      Not really. It’s more of a plot armour vs permanent modification kind of thing.
      >does that synergize with [Perfect Pussy]
      Not in its current form. However, that is an idea for some future weirdness.
      >Can [Life, Uh, Finds A Way]
      No. I would not think so.
      >can you be resurrected
      Only if you take [Reincarnation]. I believe the mechanics are stated in [Servant].

      >would it be fine if I wrote a story based on your CYOA
      While I appreciate the keen interest, I would rather you hold off for now. The CYOA is still very much under development and lacking a lot of key details about the world. Furthermore, I am creating a fully fledged JRPG based on the lore of this world, so something like that could get a little awkward for me as it is being developed. I’d be more receptive to something like that later down the line.

      1. > Furthermore, I am creating a fully fledged JRPG based on the lore of this world

        That sounds exciting. Will it have similar character creation options to the CYOA? Also, if you don’t mind my asking, what kind of system are you planning to use, in terms of combat and abilities?

        1. I do want the creator to have a CYOAish feel, though choices have to of course reflect in the gameplay.
          Character creation may be a bit more limited in terms of how you start out, however I aim to introduce a similar level of customization through gameplay, via potions, transformation and other things. There will probably be some similar and new options in the character creator, granted some choices in Harahel are based on game options.
          I’m working on a live combat system, atm. Will be providing more details on that in a post in the future, as well as the topic of the character creation. Getting back into the groove.

  11. This is definitely one of the more interesting CYOAs I’ve played, and one of the few I keep coming back to. More than that, this is definitely the best implementation of an interactive CYOA I’ve seen and I’m looking forward to seeing how it expands. If you don’t mind, I have a few thoughts on layout and balance:

    – Unusual Aesthetic is a bit inconvenient, since you must scroll down quite a ways to find it and then scroll all the way back up, and unselect your old choices, in order to pick your new colors. It would be a lot more convenient if placed at the beginning or end of the body details section.
    — Changeling might also benefit from being closer to the species section, but a button that can let you quickly jump back and forth might work better.
    – Deadman Wonderland seems overly expensive for what it does. Unless I’m misunderstanding something, it’s main effect is to reduce, but not eliminate the effects of Aww Shit. At the same time, Deadman Wonderland costs 55 points, while Aww Shit only grants 20, so if you take both you will end with both a net penalty and significantly fewer points. Since DW only partially mitigates the effects of AS, it seems like it should cost fewer points than AS grants, to recognize the penalty you conintue to face.
    — It’s probably worth noting that DW requires Here We Go Again, in addition to AS, but HWGA only grants 25 points, so DW still costs more than both of its prereques grant. It also doesn’t seem to interact with HWGA, beyond the later serving as a mechanism for the former to function.
    — Side note, I think it would be nice if you could take HWGA without AS, though that is mostly a matter of personal preference. I mostly don’t like the way it causes you to lose knowledge.
    – It might be nice if you could set either pg up/dn or arrow scrolling to scroll by card row, rather than lines. It would make it easier to rapidly scroll through the choices without also making smaller movements too finicky.
    – It would be nice if the category headers were always listed in the choices column and were clickable, sort-of like bookmarks. It would make it easier to jump between sections.
    – While I suspect it would be a lot of work, a search function would be extremely helpful for both finding specific options or for filling holes in builds.
    — Alternatively, or additionally, a view that lets you filter choices by key words (e.g. all choices that interact with dragon kin or all choices that grant smithing) would also be extremely helpful when adjusting builds.
    – I found it a bit disappointing that there’s no way to specify what you look like with changeling. It might be fun to add an alternate mode, like the Servant Mode, where you can set your race and physical characteristics while transformed. You could also make it so certain physical mods can be toggled on or off in the changeling mode, if you’ve purchased them for your proper body. For example, maybe you want to keep your fangs and extra-long tongue, even while you’re pretending to be a human. (Or maybe you’re pretending to be a race with wings, so you need to keep your real wings.)
    – It feels weird to me that we default to 0s in all physical attributes, when human average is 1. Maybe have those stats start at 1, by default, and let people sell down to 0 to represent disability? Alternatively, you could redefine 1s in physical attributes to represent some degree of training (perhaps, high school varsity level). That option would also allow 0 to represent an average level of ability, which would fit with it being described as a baseline earlier up.

    Finally, I’d like to request 3 new choices:
    – A way to add a tail other than tail pussy, potentially with some upgrade options for things like a prehensile tail or tail-based senses. (Actually, more alternative senses, in general, might be interesting.)
    – A way to have an ovipositor, even if it’s just an interaction between tail pussy and the egg-based choices.
    – A way to upgrade Senketsu so it can absorb and replicate new equipment, sort-of like MiMi-Cry, but for gear you find while adventuring, rather than just stuff you start with.

    Would you believe me if I told you I only intended to comment on 3 things when I started writing? 😅Sorry.

    At the end of the day, Harahel is still a really fun CYOA, and that gets me thinking about its features and how it’s designed, possibly more than I should. Either way, I’m off to make a new character.

  12. Hey there, thanks for the amazing work. Definitely one of my favorite cyoa around and I’ll be looking forward to what you do with it.

    I just wanted to quickly mention a small issue I had with the standalone windows version, I noticed the music seemed to stop sometimes. A little bit of troubleshooting leads me to believe that it can’t load Milton Arias – Halcon Infinitivo because of the small ó in the filename, and just stops because of this. Most of, if not every, other song works, but this one doesn’t. It’s probably due to some windows language settings I haven’t tinkered with. My attempts at remaining the file did not fix the issue, either because it wasn’t the cause, or because of the way the app is coded.
    Thought I’d share it so that you could either fix it at some point, or ignore it skillfully.

    Well, that stuff aside it wouldn’t even be a problem if your cyoa didn’t have me tinkering around for hours while finetunning a build, so once again; Great job.

  13. Just a small heads up. I replaced the � (probably alt 162) character with ó (alt 0243) in the filename and it fixed the issue.

    1. Happy New Year! And thank you for telling me about this! That’s probably the issue (hopefully). I’ll look into getting that fixed.

  14. Hi! I just wanted to say that this CYOA is amazing! I just can’t help but keep going through the selections for different builds and ideas, and the designs and perks are all very detailed and have a great verity, and the interactive version is really nice and clean ^^.
    A few questions I have are about some clarifications on some choices:

    1. How does Arka Tanks interact with the body sizes you pick earlier in the CYOA? With the way it’s worded it sounds like it over-rides any body size options. For instance, it says at max Arka you would be at the largest sizes possible for your breasts, hips, thighs, and butt, and the smallest when at min Arka, but does that remain the same if you have a more normal base size? Does that mean if you take Yuuge for the breasts, that would be you min size with min Arka and your max size would be bigger? Or would it remain the same where min Arka means you would end up Flat?
    2. With Gluttony, it mentions that it doesn’t have an impact on your physical appearance regardless of what you swallow, yet mentions you will start to feel full and look or feel bloated when close to capacity. Does this mean that a more ‘normal’ level of items in your stomach won’t cause your stomach to bulge, but at max capacity you will look bloated? Or does it not affect you at all?

    Still, thanks again for making this beautiful CYOA! ^^

  15. So I think Ubersmench might be broken I cant seem to be able to select it even after picking Monster Mash and its price doesnt change wether Im picking it once or twice

  16. Pretty cool CYOA; you obviously put a lot of thought and effort into it and I enjoyed playing and balancing my character. The hyperlinks to required and exclusive options was particularly nice.

    If I should level criticism though, I’ve got two.
    The first is that at the end when you go to get a report of your collected choices, it’s a text list. This isn’t bad, but it’s not as nice as other interactive CYOA’s that populate a downloadable JPEG of your listed choices with the games images and descriptions.
    The second is that there’s no option to buy more class proficiency points. Of if there was, I derpped out and couldn’t find it.

    Again, I really liked this. Thanks for the effort.

    1. Thank you for playing!
      If you want more proficiency, you have to take chosen or choices that hand out more proficiency. There’s never been a way to buy more proficiency, and I doubt I’d ever want to add that since it would make builds ridiculously broken and Jack of all tradesy. You can gain more proficiency over time once you’re in the world anyways.

      1. been recently going through the expansion found the “world level items” “yuri/yaoi hell”, “Mix it up” and “fuck the world”

        Would it be possible to program an alternate path into “Mix it up”, so that it can be selected if you have “The Big Gay”, “Here We Go” and “fuck the world” selected? I don’t mind the 100 point cost of “Yuri/Yaoi hell”, but I’m not particularly interested in them beyond that they can lead to “mix it up”.

  17. There plans to update this further, or is this to be an effectively final version? Obviously if you gotta end it you gotta end it, just curious.

    1. Not final. It’s not 1.0.0 yet. And if we end up going through with the merger idea discussed in the previous devlog, then it’s most definitely not final.

  18. I managed to get it installed, had to get an app editor and change the install to not be ‘prefer external’. (Still using kitkat OS on galaxy S5)
    Anyways, it crashes when it finishes loading the cyoa. Any clue for how to solve this issue?

    1. Probably a RAM limitation. I mean it shouldn’t require more than a few hundo MB to run, but if your device only has 2gb and a lot of that’s already in use, it’s gonna be a tight fit.

  19. This was with out a doubt one of the best if not the best CYOA I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing!
    Thank you for making this wonderful experience and I am so excited for the release of the next CYOA you are working on!

    Thanks truly,
    This Guy

  20. First i must say that i love Harahel and spend so man hours going over diffrend builds. One of if not my most favorit cyoa. I simply love everything. Details were they are needed but no unnecessary bloat. Fantastic work.
    Now to the question why i write this. The revive window. How exactly is that meant. As far as i can tell is it not really explained how exactly that is done. Is it simply a ping in your head that you can revive again or do you get the location of a portal that will bring you back ? I ask because if you take Lahash – Arbiter of Will afterlife i dont really see how you could miss you revive window.

  21. How do I start the game? I finished making my character and servant, so how do it get to the actual adventuring stuff?

  22. Can we do bug reports here? I think I found a few bugs.
    1. Humans can’t choose “Choco” skin or Brown eyes. I get not allowing red or white hair for humans, since while both exist irl, they are very rare. But disallowing dark skin and brown eyes for humans seems really weird when about 75% of the world has brown/black eyes. Especially cause humans in harahel can have amber eyes, while practically no humans in this world do. is this an intentional worldbuilding choice? Otherwise l like the cyoa.

    1. Not a bug. In this fictional setting, there are no Humans. We do have creatures known as Humies. A species that may look externally like Humans, but are entirely alien to them. They have an entirely different evolutionary background, evolved from a completely different species, on a world in another dimension. They have adapted to the climate and geography of the regions they typically keep to (which are temperate). You may also notice they have natural hair and eye colours, which humans of Earth don’t have. In the setting, you do have Elves in hotter climates, hence their access to darker skin.
      If you do want to be a brown Humie, there is a choice for that at the top of the GRM section, which removes race colour restrictions.

  23. Quick question on the blacksmith skill and Marionette race, for stats like strength durability, and speed, using a high blacksmith skill could I make new limbs for myself, and how does it scale? could a rank 6 blacksmith wearing the blacksmith’s apron make their durability higher by replacing parts?

  24. The quality and amount of content here makes this one of the best! Well done.

    Looking forward to any additions, and especially information on Tier V.

    My character’s proficiency spread is insane, so it was tough to decide which to raise to Tier V.
    I decided her role is primarily a physical fighter, so based off Combat IV, I went with Combat V. That may change once Aria releases!

    My Servant is far more focused, so it was a no-brainer to give her Summoning V with Dark IV.

    Here’s my build if anyone wants to load it.


    1. I made some changes!

      I realized the combination of Masochist & Ahegao is actually insanely deadly, so I removed Masochist.

      And some more info on my build…
      My Combat Tier V is focused in using my body and claws as my weapon.
      My racial influences from most physically obvious to least are Oni, Neko, and Minotaur.

      Oni: Pale Skin, two horns, and crimson eyes
      Neko: Cat ears, pointy canines, retractable claws, Bestial and Breeding Season
      Minotaur: D-Cups, thicc hips & thighs, and Milky! lol



  25. Heya, love this cyoa, I’ve done it several times now and I always come back after a few months.
    Are you planning on releasing another update? I imagine some more content could be added, some more variety or just some extra options regarding boons/banes.


    1. Yes! I have plans to do more updates in the future and connected in-universe sequels. I am currently focused on my game development project “Project Arkavite” which a big part of Harahel’s lore was based on. You can find more info in my latest dev log post on this site. I will probably have a new CYOA engine built into it where future updates and works will go, but I need to focus on progressing development of the game itself before doing more CYOA as my time is limited, and I feel there’s a lot of opportunity for content there.

    2. Yes! I have plans to do more updates in the future and connected in-universe sequels. I am currently focused on my game development project “Project Arkavite” which a big part of Harahel’s lore was based on. You can find more info in my latest dev log post on this site. I will probably have a new CYOA engine built into it where future updates and works will go, but I need to focus on progressing development of the game itself before doing more CYOA as my time is limited, and I feel there’s a lot of opportunity for content there.

  26. why would “The Big Gay” be incompatible with Futa? Futa fucks more girls; becomes more masculine. Futa is fucked by more guys; becomes more feminine.

  27. I feel like the kitsune is underpowered: all you get for selecting it is 1 stat point, and the only bonus it has access to down the line that’s not the free fur is in common with the other fey races.

    Kitsune should get a buff.

  28. Shouldn’t Lightweight get a fate malus if paired with poison-resistance abilities/boons? For example, if paired with Man Portions, it makes you immune to ingested poisons, which might or might not include alcohol depending on how you interpret it, but drinking an health potion is still supereffective.

    Shouldn’t Pride be incompatible with Monster Mash? What kid of racial pride can a mix of 3 races even have?

    Exactly how potent is Transmogrify? For example, if you’re really committed to cutesy childish aesthetic, can you make a piece of equipment look like a toy version of itself made out of cheap plastic?

    Does Glass Cannon affect your starting endurance only or you’re incapable of raising your endurance as well?

  29. Of all the CYOAs that I have played, this is by far and away the most polished, and it definitely holds great potential. The style is unique and the choices interesting. The only limit seems to be the lack of updates on the web game, and that this game doesnt seem to be very well publicised.

    1. Hi! Thank you for playing, and thank you for the feedback~ I am currently focused on my main project (Project Arkavite), which you can learn more about here or by checking out the recent devlogs. We also have a community discord if you’re interested in hanging out, or simply want more updates on what I’m up to.

  30. Is there anything else needed for the apk to be installed? I installed the files and everything but the apk doesn’t work. It says “App not installed” Do you know anything on how to fix that?

    1. Shouldn’t be anything else. Typically, you just download the apk, find it in your phone’s file system, click on it to install, and then it should install just like that. If it’s not installing, it may be the download was corrupted, or it could possibly be incompatible with your device if you’re running an old version of android.

      1. Thanks for replying. I managed to be able to get it to start the installation. However it doesn’t complete it. Is this just an storage issue?

  31. Is the 7.7 version the latest version? I just wanna know cuz I’d love to play more Harahel but there’s only so much one can do if there isn’t much actual updating. I know you’re focused on Arkavite and that also makes me wanna ask: Is there a version of Arkavite that’s available to the public, at least for the character creation and the like? Cuz honestly I feel like character creation options and ability options are (aside from some genius worldbuilding) what you seem to do best!

    And if I can’t play Arkavite in its current state, do you have any kind of idea when it may come out to the public/when you plan to? Just genuinely curious, cuz there really isn’t any good CYOAs that do lewd and interesting world options in the same work as you do.

  32. My build:

  33. what type of things might increase the luck proficiency once in world? (assuming it acts like the other prof’s and isn’t fixed from “birth”)

    1. Probably games of chance, though I imagine it’d be much harder to train than other profs since it is such an immaterial thing. So maybe, high stakes gamble (like a coin-toss deciding whether you live or die) would be akin to heavy lifting that’d train your strength.

  34. I was looking at the old static 0.5 version and was wondering why you removed the images behind some of the descriptive text. Was it a technical limitation? I thought it looked quite interesting.

    1. I completely forgot about that. I think I skipped it initially because I was having issues with text being hard to read, and then I got lost in bugfixes and refactoring hell. Completely forgot about it. I can try bringing that back in a later version. It did look really cool.👌

  35. Would be cool if there was a point conversion system (more specifically from master to servant and vice versa) for balance would prolly be at a 10:1 conversion rate (or perhaps 20:1) amazing CYOA btw

    1. It would be difficult to balance. Even with some conversion rate, people would be incentivized to create useless servants with as many drawbacks as possible for the sake of obtaining free points. It might work if I limit the amount of points you can get back to the cost of a servant. That would effectively grant you a free servant so long as you load them up with a good number of drawbacks. That way only people who really want a servant will be making use of the conversion. I’ll consider that.

      1. It could be a one way transfer; from you to the servant. I don’t think many people would want to fully cripple themselves with drawbacks for an OP Servant, even if they take Machina Ex Deus to make themselves the servant. You would just need to be careful in your wording if you later add some sort of soul/mind swap ability.

        Also, just a small thing I noticed; if you give your servant Reaper, it then gives them Servant.

        1. > from you to the servant

          That to me seems like the more acceptable way of doing it. I will note that down. I may consider both ways, but they’ll totally need to be balanced different to one another. And yeah, wording will be important since it still needs to be comprehensible and easy to follow in the static version. 👍

          > Also, just a small thing I noticed; if you give your servant Reaper, it then gives them Servant.

          Ah, the automatic selection in the interactive is a bug (which I’ll hopefully remember to fix in the new version). Servants shouldn’t be able to items anyway, and they are classified as such.

          1. The max number of points you can get on a servant is currently 2,333. So a 50 to 1 conversion from servant to master would only allow someone to get 1 point for creating a completely ruined lifeform.

  36. How does 2 Player work with Soul Split?
    Do all of your clones have 2 heads, or does it allow for a full split just like Doublethink?
    If it’s the latter, and if you have all 3 of the above, would that allow you to have 4 full-stat bodies?

  37. is this still being updated or is it dead, because i love its character creator and have created a character i really like ,but don’t know how or even if i can continue and play the game.

    1. Not dead. Still being updated, however it’s worth knowing Project Harahel Interactive in it’s current form is a “CYOA” (which is like a glorified character creator people use as escapism daydream material). It’s not CYOA in the traditional sense. Harahel in particular is something I made based on my real game project (and primary focus) – “Project Arkavite”. I would recommend checking out the DevLogs on this site or for more details.

      Many of the choices and world elements In Harahel were based on my plans for Arkavite (not so much the isekai aspect, but that will probably come later). As I was working to develop Harahel past simply being a “CYOA” and pushing it into being more of a real game, I realized Harahel development was spiraling out of control into what would essentially be a second Arkavite, which wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense. I was neglecting my main project to make a variant of it. So my directive now has been to merge the two projects back into one, consolidate goals and avoid splitting focus so that I may produce one great game and not die of stress. I am but one person after all lol. Everything’s been figured out on the planning end so that the two projects will seamlessly mate. It’s all just development development development from here. As for schedule, things are definitely behind where I would have hoped. Following last years Unity meltdown I’ve had to move engines, which has been a great setback and test of sanity, but coming out the end of it now, I think the switch will be seen as for the better in the long run. Unity (my previous engine) was plagued with various scalability issues.

      Arkavite should be getting a CYOA system this year along with a Harahel port and probably an update to the CYOA. It will all be bundled in the same app to keep everything consolidated alongside the main game… Later of course, once Arkavite as a whole has progressed further into dev there are plans to produce Harahel focused Arkavite story content, and pull more boons and banes into the main game. Produce more narrative and lore content to tie everything together with a pretty bow. I’m hesitant to say too much, but there are BIG plans down the road.

      A new Arkavite public release should be dropping around the end of this month if I can model up everything in time, so I recommend keeping an eye out for that. Just a word or warning, compared to Harahel we have a smaller selection of boons and banes starting out for the main games Character Creator because the choices need to be considered from a development implementation standpoint as opposed to a raw “narrative daydream material” thing. I also want to put more into the world itself as opposed to having all the curses and blessings be contained within the character creator screen.

      So yes. Not dead thankfully. Still alive. Thank you so much for playing, and sorry for keepin ya waiting!~

      1. I understand, i hope you have a wonderful day and i hope to see the progress of the merging between these games in the future, as i said i loved this cyoa character creator!

  38. So, downloaded the CYOA. Definitely one of the best ones I’ve ever spent time playing. I particularly like the layout and easy navigation, and the FAQ made into dialogue boxes was a very nice touch.
    the only issue I noticed was that when using the button in the top right to switch the theme from red to blue, the following sections are made inaccessible:
    – Player Count
    – The Afterlife
    – Death Timer
    – Death & Deity Modifiers
    – Items
    – Items – Extra World
    – Artisan Experience
    – World Level Items
    It’s not much of an issue, since you simply need to switch back to the red theme and everything works just fine, but I figured it was worth pointing out.
    Version used is 0.7.13, not sure if this happens in older versions.
    Thanks very much for taking the time to make something so fun, and wishing you the best of luck with project Arkavite!

    1. Thank you for playing!
      Just to let you know, that button in the top right is used to toggle the build mode from Master (red) to Servant (blue). It’s related to a choice called [Servant] under items. The choice description should describe everything but the tl;dr is that it allows you to create a servant build which acts as your support. Servants are intentionally barred from selecting options in those sections you’ve listed.

  39. Long time enjoyer coming back for my yearly build in Harahel
    From one game dev to another, keep up the good work, take all the time you need to achieve your goals, and I hope that your efforts are properly rewarded in whatever way makes you happy.

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