Project Harahel Interactive – v0.7.7

An Interactive CYOA Experience


Expansion packs with extra choices can be enabled via CYOA settings.

Note, if you have been playing on earlier browser releases, and the app fails to load, you may need to clear your cache with “CTRL+F5”. Chrome users may find better performance in Firefox.

For the most optimal, and smoothest experience, I recommend downloading.

The Latest Release: v0.7.7

MEGA DOWNLOAD LINK – Available for download on Android and PC.

PC Controls:

Full Screen: F11
Remove a choice & it’s gains: SHIFT+CLICK

Links & Other


World Map – v0.4

19 thoughts on “Project Harahel Interactive – v0.7.7

  1. Just spent the last hour & a half finalizing a build only to accidentally hit the back button on my mouse & lose everything. would be nice to have a page that actually saves instances like a Open office document or something.
    Also the scrollbar for the CYOA is pretty janky, & the pages within pages makes it hard to scroll right if it even scrolls at all.

    Otherwise, pretty nice CYOA.

  2. so many upgrade and functions, more options, save and load, change between master and servant, also FAQ section pretty cool.
    Can’t wait to see it become 1.0 version :3

    1. That choice is from the “World Level Items” expansion pack. You must go into CYOA settings and enable the pack in order to make the choice show up.

  3. What are the requirements for getting the apk installed?
    I have 560MB available on my Galaxy S5 w/ OS ver. Kitkat, and can’t install the apk.

    1. Android 4.4 ‘KitKat’ is the minimum OS. The APK download is 372MB. I believe installation takes up ≈500MB so you may not have enough storage for the APK to install.

      1. I have currently 608MB storage available with the installer apk downloaded, yet the installation still doesn’t succeed.
        Hence the confusion.

        1. When you try to install, does it say anything particular like “There was a problem while parsing the package”? A possibility could be that the file got corrupted while downloading. That could be a result of either the download or storage itself being corrupted.
          You could also try resetting application permissions or making sure your SD card is mounted on your device if you have one.

  4. i downloaded the game and i think got everything set up but it won’t let me select a starting quest nor let me into the game? and is there a browser version somewhere i haven’t seen?

    1. They aren’t so much quests as they are “current goings-on”. You can choose to pursue as many or as little as you wish or think you can manage, so they’re not set up to be selected like regular choices. They are also openings for just some of the future CYOA I have planned, set in this world.

      As for “letting you into the game”, Project Harahel is just a CYOA based on the lore of my actual RPG, Project Arkavite (which I’m currently developing). Harahel’s not “character creation” to an existing RPG, but more of an escapism read-through prompt for daydreams… however I am thinking Project Arkavite’s actual character creation will take on a similar form to the Harahel CYOA.

      Hope this clears things up. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to send em my way.

  5. I don’t get that message, I get “App was not installed” after pressing install and waiting for about 30 seconds. I also always manually handle installation permission from unknown sources in the security section that pops upp when trying to install apks not from google play store.
    I have OS version 4.4.2 on my phone and I had 895MB available on my device during my latest attempt. Super confusing in my opinion that it doesn’t get installed.

    1. The specific message is “App not installed”.
      I have a 32GB SD card mounted, but it basically never gets used because apparently almost all apps love to have close to their entirety installed on device storage.
      I don’t know what permissions I could change for the installer, as I only really have “Unknown Sources” as a box to mark so as to allow installation.
      My latest installation attempt has been with the 0.7.7 version of Harahel.apk

      1. Genuinely baffled as to what can bethe issue. My latest attempt, using v0.7.7, to install the app had 1.2GB of storage available for the installation, yet still the same “App not installed” result.

  6. Nice CYOA over all.
    But how come in the interactive version Life Finds a Way makes me lose 2 Fate instead of giving me 5 ?

    1. That is probably caused by an interaction with Fertile Fields + Calamity Magnet. Checking the requirements of Fertile Fields, for the sake of balance it gives negatives if taken with Calamity Magnet and Life Finds a Way, as it negates the impact of those banes.

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