Harahel Interactive – Changelog

Changelog v0.6.6-KuroMahou
>Choice Updates

>Web Updates
    >Created new web page for the interactive with comments
    >Fixed text quality issues for Harahel Interactive Web
    >Changelog moved to a dedicated page
    >Created system for outputting static web version of cyoa

>Menu Systems
    >Added main menu, CYOA menu and setings menu systems
    >Added pop-up and transisiton systems for future UI
    >Added "Section Select" feature, which allows users to jump directly to a section.

>Optimizations & Refactoring
    >All core systems have been rewritten to dynamically handle content
    >Faster load/startup times, lower ram usage and higher performance is to be expected
    >Issues surrounding devices not being able to start the app due to a lack of RAM should be resolved. (Ram usage reduced from 1.2GB to approx. 125-200mb).
Changelog v0.6.5-WebHotfix
>resolved issue of the web player being stretched on startup

Changelog v0.6.5

>fixed Removed invisible objects in scene which was causing clicks and drags not to register - disrupting user's ability to scroll and select choices
>fixed Text Quality Issues - improvements to font .
>fixed [Invitation] no longer grants bonus points to everyone
>fixed [Everflacid] now incompatible with [Everhard]
>fixed typos in [Oni], [Fluid Druid], [Tanuki], [Dick Destroyer], [Magnum Dong], [Nosebleed], [Dankest Dungeons], [Super Seducer], [Chūni;Singularity], [Otome], [Automotive Prosthesis], [Demon Core], [Medal Of Honor], [Virtual Sunshine], [Runman]
>fixed [Uzza] / [Death Timer] compatibilities
>fixed [Bestial] - [Okami] no longer listed twice. Gobbo now get a point boost.
>fixed [Xadera] missing [Bio-Immortal]
>fixed [Imōto Armageddon] requires [Imōto Apocolypto] AND [Here We Go Again] not "OR"
>fixed [Enchante] disabled points/point window
>fixed [Dual Citizen] now gives instead of cost points
    >added [Afterlife Tourist] now lets you select a second afterlife
>fixed [Map] clipping into [Player Count] on font change
>fixed choice sidebar not scrolling first load
>fixed [Permadeath] requirements
>change made temporary menu "dark mode"
>change increase [Chimera Ant] purchase limit 2->5
>change [Zetusbou] now gives bonus +5 Fate if taken with [Kafuka]
>change increased size of the build summary window
>change modified font backend / tewaks to font scales
>added copying and pasting now supported in Web
>added F11 now toggles fullscreen on desktop
>added performance enchancements across all platforms
>added scene load transition
>added error message for missing IDs when loading saves from an older version
>added experimental build folder to the mega ("experimental" so play at your own risk.)
Changelog v0.6.4

>fixed proficiency choices reverting on switching and loading builds
>fixed typo in [Here We Go Again]
>fixed point calculation not registering on load
>fixed "Sell Prof" fate reduced 15 -> 5
>fixed Mastema missing [Status]
>fixed [Imōto Ascension] typos
>fixed [Gaijin Goon] typos
>fixed [Attention Whore] typos
>fixed [Spatial] alignment
>fixed missing "incompatibility many" display
>removed [Futanari]/[Smol Peen] restriction
>change [Banishment This World!] reduced 25->10 but now requires Overdose or Deluxe
>change [Banishment This World!] bonus +10fate if taken with Overdose and +5 if taken with Deluxe
>change [Slime] may now have [Kyuu]
>change [Not A Raccoon] now gives [Mofu Mofu]
>change [Mofu Mofu] now costs -1fate
>change [Mofu Mofu] free if taken with [Kitsune], [Tanuki], [Okami], [Moth] or [Minotaur]
>fixed [Lamia] gains [Nagini] and [Eggnancy]
>fixed [Kotengu] gains [Birb] and [Eggnancy]
>fixed [Dragonkin] gains [Nagini] 
>fixed [Drider] gains [Eggnancy] 
Monster Mash Changes:
    >change [Birb] now free if taken with [Kotengu]
    >change [Nagini] now free if taken with [Lamia] or [Dragonkin]
    >change [Kyuu] now free if taken with [Lamia], [Neko] or [Dragonkin]
    >change [Wings] now free if taken with [Dragonkin], [Fairy] or [Kotengu]
    >change [Claws] now free if taken with [Okami], [Tanuki], [Dragonkin]
    >change [Tanuki] now get [Claws]
    >change [Tentacles] now free if taken with [Alraune]
    >change [Arms] now free if taken with [Moth] or [Entoma]
    >change [Long Tongue] now free if taken with [Lamia]
    >change [Eggnancy] now free if taken with [Kotengu], [Dragonkin], [Lamia] or [Drider]
>change [Eggnancy] small clarification
>change [Uzza] now gives [Divine Intervention] with a twist~
>change [Lahash] now gives [Final Journey]
>change image toggle to toggle sound
>change version tag to build summary
>change new color state for "mouse-over selected choice" to reduce flicker
>fixed PC scroll now disabled on zoom
>now building for Linux
>now building for Windows x64
Changelog v0.6.3

>fixed [Archive Estate] price no longer hidden
>fixed [Tanuki] typo
>fixed [Buckets Of Cum] requirements
>fixed [Senketsu] cost
>fixed [Entertainment] requires [Tab Leet]
>fixed Lahash now gives [Unbreakable Will] (not Mind) 
>fixed [Great Sage] requires [Wisdom Incarnate]
>fixed Choice frame colors not setting in "Servant Mode"
>fixed Choice + - buttons not setting colors
>added mouse wheel scroll for PC
>change PC zoom now utilizes CTRL+Mousewheel
>change bumped up the highlight color on selected choices  
>change increased scroll speed of temp menu
>change [Relative Realism] -30fate -> -25fate 
>change [Imōto Over Heaven] -65fate -> -55fate
>change [Imōto Over Heaven] bonus cost reduced -120->-100
Changelog v0.6.2

>removed [Egganncy] bonus 
>fixed [Water To Wine] missing cost 
>fixed [Capitalism] now requires [Communism] heh
>fixed missing [Where To Start] dialogue
>[Breeding Season] now accessible to males with [Life, Uh, Finds A Way]
Changelog v0.6.1

>fixed player count names
>fixed blood overdrive requirements - incompatible with lich
>fixed Oni giving [Bio-Immortal] when it shouldn't
>fixed Hero (giving instead of costing points)
>fixed Respawn time descriptions
>fixed Spatial/Art descriptions
>fixed [Dual Citizen] listing requirement twice
>fixed Proficiency points trading in for 15 instead of 5
>fixed [Biggus Dickus] requirements.
>fixed [Torpor] incompatible with [Dreamfall;insanity].
>fixed [Voracity] requires [Sadism].
>fixed costs for [Attention Whore], [Me! Me! Me!], [Transmog], [Fertile Fields], [Lovers Lab] & [Zetusbou]
>fixed [Tsun Tsun] incompatible with [Dere Dere].
>fixed Hero can only be selected 3 times - not 4
>fixed [Phylactery] incompatible with demon core
>fixed [Lich] incompatible with Mazoku
>fixed [Humie] & [Mazoku] incompatible with [Oni]
>fixed [Death Is The Only Cure] cost
>fixed Reduced [Deadman Wonderland] by 10 pts 
>added [Biggus Dickus] now effects ball size
Changelog v0.6

Please note, not all changes and additions are in this changelog as a lot has changed.

tl;dr I have fixed up some choices which were broken, added some new choices, replaced some choices, added further clarification for stuff being misinterpreted, added clarification for how some stuff interacts with other stuff, and changed up names and the wording on things. Also, Unity stuff.

>added [Oni] to Races
>added [Tanuki] to Races
>added [Drifter] to Items
>added [You've Got A Friend In Me] to Items
>added [Rabu Komedi] to Items
>added [Unlimited King Of Knights] to Items
>added [NuruNuru~] to Boons
>added [Nosebleed] to FMSU
>added [HereWeGo.jpg] to FMSU as a [Ranma] & [The Big Gay] addon
>added [Gorgon] to FMSU
>added [Re:Turn]
>added [ERABE]
>added [Life, Uh, Finds A Way]
>added [Great Sage] as a [Wisdom Incarnate] addon
>added [Shabetta] as a [Senketsu] addon
>added [Ara~ Ara~] as a [Halfling] addon
>added [Imōto Apocolypto] as [Reincarnation] addon
>added [Imōto Kataklizmo]
>added [Imōto Ascension]
>added [Imōto Over Heaven]
>added [Imōto Armageddon]
>added [Orphan] as [Reincarnation] addon
>added [Party Time] to Player Count
>added [Kyuu] to Global Race Mods
>added [Chimera]  to Global Race Mods
>added [Custom Count] to Player Count
>added [Re:Turn] to Player Count
>added [Quantum Suicide] to Death & Deity Mods
>added [Grandmother Paradox] to Death & Deity Mods
>added [Royal Rumble] to Death & Deity Mods
>added [Deadman Wonderland] to Death & Deity Mods
>added [Never Ever] to Death & Deity Mods
>added [Kafuka] to [Adoring Fan]
>added [Arka Fountains] to FMSU Section
>added Proficency to Lucky & altered description
>added [+2 Beast Mastery] to [Moth] Base Race
>added [Phantom] tag under pink and violet eyes
>added [Dragonkin] point boosts for egg related banes
>added [Halfling],[Gobbo]&[Fairy] point boosts for [Size Queen]
>general point re-balancing etc. etc. 
> removed [spirit] tag under pink and violet eyes
> removed proficiency cap on [Glass Cannon]
>replaced [Style Is Everything] with [Relative Realism]
>replaced [Enhanced Fluid Production] with [Fluid Druid]
>replaced [Damsel] with [In Distress]
>replaced [High Threat] with [Attention Whore]
>replaced [Muscle Atrophy] with [Atrophy]
>replaced [Size King] with [Magnum Dong]
>replaced [Fertility Toggle] & [Fertility Slider] with [Fertile Fields]
>replaced [Judgment] with [Remuneration]
>replaced [Dirty Mouth] with [Vulgar]
>replaced [Bad Luck] with [Such Misfortune] 


>smol typo fixes / fixed some images / rearranged things
>corrected [Bag Of Holding] under [Phylactery] to [Infinity Bag]
>modified [HUGE BOI] lower height limit
>modified [Demon Core] (more features and lore to be in-line with the magic system)
>modified [Unbreakable Mind]
>modified [Unbreakable Will]
>modified [Convenient Backstory] (family planning & late drop-ins)
>modified [Teachers Pet]
>modified [Changeling]
>modified [Corrupted Vision]
>modified [Vampire] (no more shadows)
>modified [Nagini], [Birb], [Horns], [Mofu Mofu] (Free for now because of Warrening) 
>modified [Most Terrible Fate]

I added a bunch of clarifications here and there so just keep in mind this may not be everything: 
    >added clarification for [Global Race Mods Section] (Traits passed down to offspring) 

    >added clarification for [Senketsu]
    >added clarification for [Xadera]
    >added clarification for [Chosen]
    >added clarification for [Changeling]
    >added clarification for [Vampire]
    >added clarification for [Undead]
    >added clarification for [Monster Mash]
    >added clarification for [Phylactery] size
    >added clarification for [Slime]
    >added clarification for [Dr Frankenstein]
    >added clarification for [Convenient backstory]
    >added clarification for [Reincarnation]
    >added clarification for [Senketsu]
    >added clarification for [Servant]
    >added clarification for [Horns] (Unholyness)
    >added clarification for [Communism]
    >added clarification for [Caustic Blood]
    >added clarification for [Perfect Pussy]

    >added clarification for "Tech Stuff" size
    >added clarification for Durability proficency
    >added clarification for Boons Section (can only take each  once unless otherwise stated)
    >added clarification for Proficency to fate conversion (it is   one way)

    > clarified [Nudist] requires [Flasher]

>moved [Bio-Immortal] to Global Race Mods
>moved [Regeneration] to Global Race Mods
>moved [Pain Zero] to Global Race Mods
>moved [Phantom] to Global Race Mods
>moved [Tireless] to Global Race Mods
>moved [Reap What You Sow] to Banes
>moved [Kender] to Banes
>moved [Size King] to FMSU section
>moved [Size Queen] to FMSU section
>moved [Phylactery] to Boons
>moved [Convenient Backstory] to Death & Deity Mod
>moved [Multi. Breasts] to Fuck My Shit Up
>moved items available in world and out of world into their own sections.