Goodbye, Unity.

Hey everyone. As you may have heard, Unity recently announced they will begin charging developers a fee every time an end user installs their game. Unity is the game engine I have been using to develop my projects up until now.

While this change in Unity’s policy does not immediately affect me (I fall under their proposed fee threshold), if anything I develop were to gain traction, based on their new fee structure I may retroactively owe Unity most of my income. My primary concerns are that they can (or at least are attempting to), retroactively impose fees on all old and new games created in their engine which exceed arbitrary metrics. If they can do this, then who’s to say they won’t eventually lower the thresholds and increase the fees imposed on developers.

Additionally, I am concerned with the long-term stability of Unity as a whole. I don’t think a company that carries out actions like this is long for this world, and quite frankly, I don’t want my game engine to go bankrupt and stop updating mid-ways through development.

Which brings us to where we are now. I can no longer endorse Unity. Their recent actions are disappointing, and make them a liability to not only the future of my own projects, but the livelihoods of many developers I love. As such, going forward Arkavite development will be moved to Unreal Engine.

What Next?

With all that said, I’m happy to announce I have a new Dev Log available HERE. In this log we will quickly run through the developments made since the last log, and explore what changes I think will be made in the move to Unreal.

I will say now, I don’t think the fundamental core / game-play will change. If anything I may be able to grow the scope in some ares. What probably will have to change is the look of in-game environments and entities. I strive to make the best game imaginable, so whatever course I do take, I’ll make sure it’s not a step back.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye, Unity.

  1. Such an asenine decision on unity’s part, they have completely tanked themselves. I wish you and every other dev effected the smoothest transitions possible to other engines.

  2. Unity said this will touch only people after some huge update, if you wish you can not download this (not even created for now) update and be free. Asmon review they reaction on public discontent

    1. I believe the new terms come into effect at the start of 2024. Sadly, I can’t do as you say because it would mean forgoing engine updates for most of the games foreseeable development. If the game were already nearing completion it would be a totally different story, but that is not the case and being stuck with an old engine you can’t even modify the source of is far from ideal. What’s more, at this stage I’m not sure anyone should really trust Unity to keep their word 😅
      Progress in Unreal Engine has been going well, so I am confident I can move past Unity without looking back.

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