Project Arkavite – A New Beginning

Hey, hey people. It’s been a while. 2021 was probably one of the most messed up years of my life, but I’m glad things didn’t completely go to hell. It’s time to throw away any lingering despair, and keep on keeping on. It’s time for a new beginning. Today we’re going to talk a little…

Let’s Design! A New Interface In Another World!

And so begins our dive into the wondrous world of UI! Putting the silly LN-esque title aside, let’s get right into it. For the longest time, Project Arkavite has been lacking in any real menu system. Based on the pervading themes in the story, I want to land on a design which evokes feelings of fantasy, and spell tomes with a hint of steampunk, while not diverging too far from the pixel aesthetic…

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