Spectacles, Socks, Tails n’ Tats – Jan 21, 2024

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Hey hey people~

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend! Just a quick little update to cover recent developments. Let’s get right into it.

  • The legs, feet and crotch of the player model have been patched up. The player mouth seam has been fixed, and the knee-socks have been remodeled.
  • The player idle animation has been updated. I gave the player a confident upright pose. This should give you a better view of your character.
  • I’ve added a third outfit option – “Underwear”. We don’t have proper underwear modeled just yet, so for now it will strip you down to your knee-socks.
  • I’ve improved the UI responsiveness. Button highlighting and SFX is now present on most buttons.
  • I’ve set a more legible color for the positive points on the “FATE counter” and on choices.
  • I’ve added visual elements to the player model for the following choices: 
    • [Kitsukana] now have big floofy tails. I may have to change up how I design outfits so that tailed races are better accommodated.
    • [Nyaatsu] now have a tail idle animation. No more wet noodles. I’ll probably try mixing physics with animation when it comes to player movement in game.
    • [Bunnjin] now have placeholder ears. Still WIP.
    • The [Short-Sighted] choice will now equip glasses to the player (nose pinchers). Additional eyewear options will be introduced in a later patch.
    • The [Eat My Wings, Make Me Tame] choice will add a seal to the player back (as depicted in the choice portrait itself). The design of the seal will be cleaned up in a later patch.
    • The [Birthday Suit] choice now forces the player out of any worn clothing.
    • The [Patches] choice now equips the player with an eyepatch… or two.
    • The [Manletus] choice now restricts the player from having anything but the minimum starting height.
Hmm. I see…

I also took some time out of the week to focus on the player skeleton and animations. The skeleton really does need reworking and finalizing before we can press on with core animations, poses, male members, and all the rest, so in the new week I will be focusing on getting our player running (in a more literal sense). I’d also like to get IK working so our legs have a natural look to them when standing or walking on uneven terrain.

That’s all for now. More to come~

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