Exemplary Archetypes & Player Descriptions

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[ Experimental Release 0.0.0-4 ]

 Hello there. We have some changes, some additions, and to top it all off, some fixes!

Recent Changes 

  • Reduced breast size range to avoid scaling issues.
  • Updated Credits Page

Recent Additions 

  • Added Codecks Page for public development tracking
  • Character Creator: Added Futanari
  • Character Creator: Added Confirm page
  • Character Creator: Added archetype selection
  • Character Creator: Added player Character Bio screen
  • Ported the dialog parser system to C++
  • Ported the entity description system to C++
  • Ported the entity framework (formerly known as the actor framework) to C++

Recent Fixes 

  • Fixed issue of splash screen not appearing in builds
  • Multi-line Choice Titles not Displayed Correctly
  • [Bakuretsu] Choice Displays Invalid Tags

Character Bio

The quill button finally serves a purpose. On click, It will bring up this finalization page. All that’s currently displayed are the Character Bio and Archetype sections. The final version of this page will feature an overview of your beginning stats, and a list of which traits (boons / banes) you’ve selected. As of now the confirm button does nothing. It is merely placeholder.

The underlying player structure and dialog parser system (responsible for handling character description generation) has for the most part been ported over to the new engine. This allows us to generate the “Character Bio” you see above.

To give you a basic rundown of what’s going on behind the scenes, the dialog parser takes a tagged body of text. Each tag references a description of an aspect of an entity (entity=character). The tag is typically comprised of two parts, i.e. “[entity].[tag]“. We lookup an entity, generate a description based on whatever [tag] is, and then replace “[entity].[tag]” with said description. There are some tags which make use of multiple actors, but that’s a rabbit hole we’re better off not delving into at this time. If you’re curious to know, let me know!

The dialog parser system is used whenever we need to reference aspects of a character. Their appearance, what they’re wearing, their name. All of it. We use it in dialog scenes, and item events. This system is applicable to all characters. Not only the player. It’s been future proofed so that we may have procedural or custom NPCs which can be manipulated in the same manner as the player.

Returning to character creation, alterations to the player appearance will be reflected in the Character Bio. Now height, breast size, etc. can be converted into meaningful descriptions from their slider values, we can add these descriptions to the slider display. A little extra job for me to do when polishing up the UI.


Archetype dictates the temperament of your character – how they respond mentally to scenarios and predicaments. It’s our alignment system. We use the archetype stats to run skill checks for various aspects of gameplay. As for archetype selection at character creation, for now we’re relying on sliders. Some choices are stated to influence these archetype stats. In future we may make the starter archetype entirely dependent on which traits you pick. I also like the idea of having it be dependent on some choose your own adventure style scenario at the start of the game much like some older RPGs, buuuut that’s just an idea.

The player archetype is something which can shift over the course of gameplay depending on the actions a player takes. A pure individual may fall from grace or one who is corrupt may seek redemption. Some may fall to insanity while others give in to chaos. It will make for a lot of fun, I’m certain.

Sex Selection

I’ve added a series of new buttons to the right. As you can see we have “Sex” and “Build”. Sex changes the sex of your character (i.e, what genitalia they have), while Build will change the shape of the character body. The Female and Futanari sex options are working. And yes, the futa is physics enabled, though I will say it’s not the most realistic right now since I’ve made it a floppy hard on. I will need to add a flaccid model variant, or create a model which can blend between the two desired states. More peen models, coming soon!

As for the male “Sex” and “Build” options, their models are currently being worked on. Getting that done is now my primary focus. Peen sliders will also be added along with the remaining male models.

  1. The male model
  2. Some all around UI polish
  3. Tutorial-ish Guidance for first time players

These are the last few things to complete before I can make that juicy public release and shift the majority of my focus back to sandbox dev. We’re onto the final stretch. Hopefully soonish I’ll be back to working on some real gameplay.

Honestly, I can’t wait. A lot of the subsystems are coming back together and after all this character creator stuff, I’m gettin a little antsy. Want to get working on the new stuff. The fun gameplay stuff that’s been buzzing around my brain. We’re all gonna make it, brah.

8 thoughts on “Exemplary Archetypes & Player Descriptions

    1. Scratch that, managed to finally get the google image search to give me something rather than ‘Random Dark Fantasy Knight’.

      I’m glad I tried again!

  1. Will there be genital variants? In particular, because of circumcision but vaginas have loads of individual variation too. Ideally we could totally customize that (clothes shouldn’t need to deform to it so the limits are only what you can fit in the model and are willing to spend time on) but even if it’s just a few variant options that would also be nice.

    1. May feature different vagoo and peen shapes down the line, but it’s not super high priority. Circumcision is a medical procedure I’m not totally familiar with. I hear it’s popular in the states, but I’m not sure I’ll feature that kind of option in ye olde fantasy Arkavite. We’re not exactly going for ultra real-lifeism anyway. I think the focus is more likely to be on the difference in downstairs equipment between our various fantasy races.

  2. Will the male builds be just as varied as the female? In most of these type of games, male body types get two variants; Muscle and normal. Will there be more besides this for feminine but still male characters?

    1. I’d recommend hopping into the discord if you want more deets. I’ve posted some recent snapshots there.
      Basically, I’ve opted to have a single body which can morph between male and female, meaning male builds have access to most of the same options as females and vice versa. Gender bend nonsense is a feature, so I’m building a system which allows for seamless transitions. We will of course have separate male and female animations. As for all around body types, currently you can only really create a slim or thicc character. Later I may add a morphs for musculature and weight gain. Musculature may be more texture based given the aesthetic. That way you could have slim lean or bulkier builds. It’s not a total certainty right now as all that adds more complexity and work than I need at this stage, but it’s something I am seriously considering for later.

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