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Hey, hey people. A quick update on progress and what will be coming in the next update. Long story short, the refactoring is complete. I’ve gone ahead and added some new features, and before release, will be adding some extra content, testing things, and doing some balancing.

Here’s a run down of some of the new features.

CYOA Pause Menu

The New Pause Menu

Here’s our new CYOA menu. Arkavite’s in-game pause menu will likely be a modification of this. We have a few new options here. Let’s go over what we have.

Go To Section

I’ve added a section selection menu, for jumping to specific sections in the CYOA. I can see how one may lose their way or overshoot a specific section when scrolling. This will make it easier to find your bearings in this long as hell CYOA.

Build Preview

Here’s the new build preview system. I’ve made some modifications so that this system will be applicable to future CYOA like Aria.

The bottom left buttons allow the user to switch between summaries of builds present in the CYOA. In the case of Harahel, this would be the master and servant builds.

At the top left, I’ve set up an input box for entering the name of your specific build. This could be a character name, or a simple reference. Whatever you enter will be displayed in the save slots, in the manner described below.

The “DESC.” button will take you to a page where you can enter a build description. This description can act as a summary of your build, and is displayed on your save slot in the manner shown below.
The top right button will take you to a build output screen. This gives you a sharable build summary you can copy and paste elsewhere. This functions much like the build output system present in prior versions.

Save & Load

Save slots are now a thing. You can now save as many builds as you want, delete them, and load them later. Master and Servant builds are of course paired together.

A save slots displays version info, player-entered build info, and time saved, for easy differentiation between saves. Slot deletion is possible by clicking the red trash can, and I’ve set up a little confirmation prompt for saving and loading to lower the chance of any unintended deletions.

There is no longer a copy-able build string. If a lot of people want it, I should be able to add it back, but at this point in time it doesn’t seem necessary.

The systems I made here will find use in Arkavite, with some small tweaks. I’ve already thrown together 90% of the underlying code for both saving game slots and displaying saves.

Expansion Packs

So here’s a weird idea I’ve had on my mind. There are some additional choices I want to add which would only work in the base CYOA, but not in any kind of “sequel”. There are also choices which should fit into the base CYOA, but I’m averse to adding because of lore, or on the principle of bloating and already long CYOA.

This is the solution I’ve found which will let me add more to the base without ruining what’s already there, and taking away from the existing experience.

Under CYOA settings, we have a checklist for toggling expansion packs. When enabled, additional choice blocks pertaining to the expansion will appear within the CYOA. Simple as can be.

New Content

Since I’ve been ever so focused on the technicals, and since it’s been so long since any new content has been added, I’ve decided to add some new choices to the base before releasing the next update. Most of these new choices will be contained within packs, however there are some additional choices which’ll be entering the base experience.

Right now we have “World Level Items”. These are potentially world breaking choices which can affect the world at large or CYOA as a whole. Then there’s the “Artisan Experience”. An expansion which will focus on enchanted starter apparel and cursed clothes. I’m also considering adding a simple expansion with dialogue on extra race info, for those wanting to know some extra technical data on each of the races (i.e. height info). There’s a lot to be said about slimes.

If you want a sneak peek of the choices to come, I’m updating the changelog with additions as I go HERE. As there have been so many changes to the backend, and as there is a foreseeable influx in new choices, the anticipated updates version number has been changed to 0.7.

To finish off, on the side, I have built up a static image generator, so the next version will get to ship with a static version in tow. I’ve also been building out the rest of the settings, so some quality of life options will be present in the next update.

Beware Of The Villainess – The evolution of a princely maiden.

That’s all for now. The wait was a little longer than anticipated, but after this new content is added and cleaned up, I’ll be launching the next big update! Nue update~ Coming Soon™~~


13 thoughts on “Some Things In New For You

  1. Very much apreciated ark. I can’t wait to play this but I know that quality takes time. Im most excited about the expanded race info and would like to know things like how monster mash and ubermensh effect the base abilities of species. Does the fleshwarping ability of Xadera weaken if you mix it with neko for example? Or if you mix it with fairy, does it strengthen their base arcane porential, since it was said that they are equal to fairies in the arcane due to their high magical capacity, but since fairies are that good just due to their connection to deep fey and arka, do you get the best of both worlds? And would reaping a soul from a demon core allow you to intergrate it into yourself with frankenstein without risk of the soul taking over/staying with you? Or can you only have one, since its tied to your soul? Am I even asking these questions in the right place?

    1. Hey/ Thanks for the interest, and sorry for the wait. Asking here’s cool.
      You may or may not know this, but for context, I’m collating questions of this nature and working answers into the app via a dialogue system (last new feature, I swear). I’ll hold on to these questions and see what I can do to work in answers moving forward~

  2. If I take Adoring Fan and Vampire, will the fan be willing to become a bloodbath for me, even if her life is at risk? What if I take Kafuka and she dies while doing so, then comes back to life? Will she no longer do it because it is a method to take her out or will she keep doing it because she wants to see me succeed with my goals?

  3. A minor thought, but you may want to add an in-game description for the CYOA packs, and or mark out the choices they add, that way players will have a better idea of what they do, even if they haven’t read this blog. It doesn’t have to be much, a quick tooltip and/or some special borders would be more than enough.

  4. Having an actual Save system and slots is a very important step forward! I think it’s important to keep the string system still though for a way to share saves easily across the web with other folks, especially for the written stories that include a build.
    Should be easy to have a small box on the save/load screen that goes to the sharable strings for copying/pasting.

    1. I decided to use both systems in the end. There were some issues with slots for web, so web mode uses strings while download version has both (but defaults to slots). The download versions was given a setting for toggling between the “Web Save Mode” so we kinda arrived at that outcome lol.

  5. Hello!
    First, thanks for your CYOA of high quality.
    I want to translate your CYOA into Korean and upload it onto community site for CYOA.
    Could you allow me to do that?

  6. Hello!
    First, thank you for this CYOA of high-quality.
    I want to translate your CYOA into Korean and upload it onto CYOA community.
    Could you allow me to do that?

  7. I wonder, could I have one of the succubi from Reverse Summoning summon the princess from Night of Knights out of her jail cell if I somehow coerced/persuaded them?

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